Lets start again...Oh Hey!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The biggest thing that blocks you in life is life itself.
January the frickin 5th was the last time I wrote a blog post and I am pretty sure I promised to post more regularly and did I? No I frickin didn't! Let's all applause the s**t Yasmin over here! ><

On a more serious note, why do we let life get in the way of things we really enjoy doing? Working full time where in some cases you never have the same shift patterns each week, coming home most of the time to more work (whether thats work brought from work or household work), turning down the fun things in life because you are too tired or can't even plan in advance due to a chaotic schedule.

I loved blogging...actually scrap that, I LOVE BLOGGING! It is something that I discovered that helped me release a creative spark when my mind was craving it. I am sitting here now kicking myself because I can 100% say that I did let life get in the way and I can honestly say that it will probably try and get in the way again in the future. I just won't let it! :)

As of today: Tuesday 25th July 2017, I will start being creative again, I will start blogging regularly and I won't let life get in the way of things that make me smile!

Let me know how you create free time in your life to enjoy things when life gets in the way!


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