Everything you see on this blog is my own words and will contain my own thoughts and opinions unless stated otherwise. I buy most of the things I review on my blog with my own money.

If I get sent a product from a PR company to review for free in return for a post then I will clearly make sure that it is mentioned with either a * or [AD]. If you do not see those signs then I have paid for the products myself.

If I genuinely do not like an item or would never use an item that I would personally buy with my own money then I will not accept the item to review for a PR company.

If I genuinely like something then I am happy to blog about it, my opinions will be honest and unbiased.

All the photographs and images on my blog are my own unless stated otherwise.

Sometimes I will be lucky enough to have the opportunity of getting products sent to me for free but overall I enjoy supplying my own products and creating my own blog posts.

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