The Red Collection // Pro Lipstick Kit: Freedom

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

I am obsessed with red lipstick and I would say that 80% of the time I will choose a red shade of lipstick over any other shade!
So I recently went into my local Superdrug and came across a brand of make-up called "Freedom". It offers "professional make-up at affordable prices" and their packaging seems so simple and clean so instantly I was interested. Whilst browsing through what they had to offer, I came across their professional lip kit and straight away saw The Red Collection. 

Each lip kit offers 5 high intensity professional lipsticks and after seeing the shades they had to offer in the kit, I knew that I wanted to test these bad boys out. Also I really wanted to see if they really lived up to the "high intensity" that they stated and if the shades actually matched the shades on the box.

Opening each lipstick I was quite satisfied with what I was seeing. Some shades were a little different to the shades on the box but they all seemed to match up quite closely. Each lipstick looked like it would be a good pigment when applied and even though they weren't the usual matte texture I would usually go for in a lipstick, they all looked really interesting and professional. This kit was also ONLY £5, so what was there to lose?

The first one I tested was Fever. It was similar to my usual tone of red that I would usually go for and applied quite nicely. I did really like this shade of red but it wasn't as strong on the lip as I thought it would be. As soon as I had applied it, I blotted my lips to matte it down a bit as it was quite glossy. Overall I would give it a 3/5.

I then went on to test out Born With It. To be honest I would never really go for this shade of red if it was laid out with other red lipsticks but when I put it on I was quite surprised. It turned out to be more of a pinky colour but I really liked what it looked like. It was very girly and pretty and would make the perfect spring, natural, everyday lipstick for a dewy natural look. This is definately a 4/5 for me.

Make Me Crazy seemed to be very similar to Fever. Once again it wasn't as bright as I had hoped it to be but it did go on really nice. At least I know that if I run out of one then I have a similar shade to use instead. Overall, 3/5.

The fourth one that I tested was Expression. On the box it seemed like it would be a dark, browny sort of red but the actual lipstick was a slightly different shade to the box. When applied, it was not very pigmented. It seemed to give a more tinted look to the lips. It was a pretty colour but I do not think I would choose that shade over my other red lipsticks. Sorry, but it has to be a 2/5.

Lastly, Red Wine. This was supposed to be the darkest red in the kit and once again the actual lipstick wasn't as dark as the shade on the box. Saying that, this was one of my favourites in the kit. Personally, I think this one came out the reddest out of them all. Even though it wasn't the dark shade I was hoping for, I was really happy to see the bright red. I can definately see me wearing this one a lot. Final Score...4/5.

For £5, I think that this is quite a good little lipstick kit. I personally like more bolder and more pigmented lipsticks but these make a great everyday quick red lipstick for anyone who wants a selection of red lipsticks on a budget! I am overall really happy with the purchase and will continue to use these lipsticks...some more than others.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I really enjoyed reviewing this purchase! Comment your favourite shades and if you have tried these then let me know your opinion!!

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