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Saturday, 27 February 2016

So for the past 5 weeks I have been doing some rather fun training at work which has meant I have had to travel to Newcastle once a week.
This is a quick post really because I just want to tell you all about 'The Naked Deli'...I am literally in love.

I discovered The Naked Deli the first day I went to Newcastle, I was on my lunch and had heard about the Fenwicks food hall so I thought I would go have a quick look. As soon as I got there I came face to face with a fridge full of The Naked Deli. I knew straight away that I needed to try it!

I love anything that relates to the word "Healthy" or "Nutrition" and this is what The Naked Deli promotes! Their food is organic and non-processed meaning that there are no nasty chemicals or preservatives included. They cook all their foods with coconut oil as we all know coconut oil is beaming with benefits. They only use grass fed meats, free range chicken, responsibly sourced fish and organic eggs and dairy. Not only that, they also do dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, wheat free, vegan, clean and paleo foods! THEY LITERALLY CATER FOR EVERYONE!

One of my favourite lunches I had from The Naked Deli was the "Cajun swordfish steak with a crunchy raw slaw" IT WAS AMAZING! I have never had swordfish before and haven't really seen it on a menu anywhere either so it was really nice to try something so different. I also couldn't say no to their naked treats! The "Caramel pecan slice" hit the spot to kill my sweet tooth but there were no guilty feelings hanging around because it is all healthy!

I found The Naked Deli in Fenwicks but they also have their own shop on Chillingham road in Newcastle. I am definately going to have to go there the next time I am in Newcastle because their menu looks fantastic and if it is anything like their food they serve at Fenwicks then I know it is going to be fantastic. Check out their menus here!

Finding things like this always gets me excited because I live in little Lincoln where things like this do not really exist! If any of you get the chance to go to Newcastle then please go check The Naked Deli out, I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Thank you The Naked Deli for making my business trips tasty, healthy and exciting!

The Naked Deli:
Website: The Naked Deli
Instagram: @thenakeddeli
Twitter: @nakeddeli

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