10 Ways To A Positive And Happy Mind!

Saturday, 13 February 2016

"Being positive is not about projecting a perfect life."
I have been so busy recently with my life, almost to the point where I am unsure when I am going to be able to stop and breathe! There is all sorts of pressure, anxiety and things to think about and I often get asked "How do you stay so positive through it all?!" I am not going to lie and say that every day is a ray of sunshine, some days I don't even want to get out of bed but I would say 90% of the time I let positivity take over. So I have had time to think about the ways I keep my mind on the bright side and I thought I would let you all in on the tips...believe me, they are simpler than you think!

1) Music. My earphones spend a lot of time in my ears. The type and tone of the music I am listening to will have a huge influence on my mood. Before I start a shift at work I will most likely be listening to something extremely up beat to get me in a motivated mood! If I am ever feeling rubbish I can rely on music to boost my positivity.

2) Surround yourself with positive influences. It is true what they say, another persons mood can totally rub off onto you! This is why I spend a lot of time with other positive people! Positivity and happiness is contagious! And it is not just people, if everything else around you oozes positivity then it will definately help you stay positive!

3) SMILE! The simplest and easiest way to positivity and happiness. When someone flashes me a smile, even if they are a complete stranger, it instantly increases my mood. Also everyone looks so much more beautiful when they have a smile on their face.

4) Make your home a positive place. Your home is where all the tension you are carrying should go away. Wall art covered in positive quotes, house plants and scented candles are my signature pieces that make my house feel safe and positive. After that slightly stressful day at work, coming home to a place that is going to help me relax and de-stress is what keeps my mind positive.

5) Try to see the positive in every situation. I struggle with anxiety and often over think and worry about things so this was a challenge for me at first. I taught myself to allow the anxiety to happen but to change that anxiety into a positive, exciting sort of anxiety. For example, I have a lot of things happening at work that has kind of swept me off my feet and made my anxiety rocket! But I have learnt to go with the flow, these things at work may be scary and challenging at times but they will create something amazing that I can look forward to in the future!

6) Don't look for happiness, create it. Happiness will not get served to you on a plate. The only way you are going to be happy is if you do something to create that happiness. It doesn't have to be something huge, the smallest things can allow you to feel more happy!

7) Get a hobby or do something to distract your mind. Having something to do regularly that you enjoy and can look forward to is always handy. I love baking! It allows me to escape for a few hours in my own little bubble. Also small things like reading books and writing in my journal can lift my mood.

8) Exercise and nutrition. Not everyone likes the word 'exercise' but it is one of the biggest ways to give my mood a lift! Going to the gym to get rid of those negative feelings is one of my favourite things. Dancing and going for walks also help a lot and these both are types of exercise. Putting the right sort of nutrients into my body also effects my mood in a positive way. It gives me a huge boost of energy and makes me feel healthier. A healthier body means a healthier mind.

9) Plan something to look forward to. If every day is the same then I definately understand why you might start to feel fed up! Organise something for your next day off, it could be a big day out or even just a catch up and coffee with a friend or family member but if you have something to look forward to then you are going to feel more happy and positive.

10) Always make time for yourself. It sounds 100% selfish but believe me it is 100% not. How are you meant to be happy and go on with life if you are not looking after yourself and your well being!? Whether it is for an hour, a day or a week, have a moment to think about yourself and have some YOU time. Take a bubble bath, paint your nails, reflect on your achievements, write down some goals, cook yourself a meal, lie on your bed and listen to music...if you know that it will allow you to be more positive, not just in yourself but to others around you, then completely take that time for yourself!

So there you have it! I would say these are the main things that keep me positive.
Thank you for taking your time to read this post, I hope you can take something from it for yourself!
Stay happy and positive!


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