HELP...I suffer from FOMO!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Hi, my name is Yasmin and...I suffer from FOMO.
I officially have 9 days off work! I love my job but I am seriously looking forward to having some time to myself and being able to go out and do things! 9 days seems like such a long time but I assure you it will disappear with a single blink. So...what to do? where to go? what if something amazing is happening and I don't know about it?! Welcome to the world of FOMO. The 'Fear Of Missing Out'.

A lot of you will completely understand FOMO! It is definately not nice, or fun to be the one sat at home whilst everyone else is out enjoying themselves. You log onto your social media accounts and see those photos that your friends have posted whilst at an amazing event, WHY WASN'T I THERE!!!

So...I have been thinking about my FOMO experiences and wanted to share with you how I avoid the dreaded FOMO feeling!

1) Social media: Now a days EVERYTHING revolves around social media. BUT...when it comes to finding out about events happening in your town or even around the world, it is definately one of my number 1 places to go! I would of never had the opportunity to meet Victoria's Secret angel Stella Maxwell if it wasn't for Instagram (Victoria's Secret posted the date she was coming to the UK) or found out that one of my favourite DJs, Jaguar Skills, was coming to a club in my town if I hadn't checked Facebook. So by following local/global companies on social media I can keep updated with events that are happening around me!

2) Friends: As much as I love social media (it really is a great way to keep updated with people), I like to also meet up with the people I love for a coffee and a chat to find out what is going on! If I don't see my friends regularly, I totally feel like I am missing out! I find that my friends always know about something that is happening that sometimes I don't even know about. So make a date to grab a coffee and keep updated with your friends to avoid FOMO!

3) Eventbrite: What a fantastic website! I live in Lincoln, a small place and it seems like nothing happens here. Yes we have the beautiful cathedral and some really pretty boutique shops but what else happens here? I come across Eventbrite where it enables me to search my town and all of a sudden I am faced with a ton of upcoming my town...MY SMALL LITTLE LINCOLN TOWN! It also allows people to promote their own events and sell tickets to their events! Eventbrite is definately one of my favourite things to use to avoid FOMO, I 100% recommend you take a look at them and if you have tickets to sell then take a look at their 'Sell Tickets' page!

4) Posters and Leaflets: One of those old fashioned and traditional ways of promotion but still one of the most effective ways of finding out what's going on! I would say 90% of the time I will take a leaflet from someone that is handing them out and believe that people should acknowledge these leaflet givers a lot more! By taking interest in the posters and leaflets I have been able to find out about new places and new events that are happening. They often also include discounts for places and everyone loves a good discount!

5) Magazines and Newspapers: They are often filled with advertisements! New products, New companies, NEW EVENTS! I find, especially with magazines, that they focus on advertising things that relate to their genre. If I am reading a fashion magazine then I often find out about events relating to fashion. They are always visually appealing aswell which makes me even more interested in the events!

So these are some of the ways that I avoid FOMO. There are loads of other ways of keeping updated with events, everyone has their own favourite ways of doing that! No one wants to miss out!!?? Let me know how you avoid FOMO :)

Thank you for having a read, feel free to follow so you don't ever miss out ;) 

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