New Year Means New...Direction.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

None of this 'New Year, New Me' stuff! To be honest, I believe that no one needs to be a new version of themselves, they just need to explore in a different direction...take a new adventure!
When I think back on 2015 I am quite surprised at what I have experienced and achieved. The new year came and we moved into a new house! I pushed through my last ever term at university, wrote a 9000 word dissertation, turned 21, went from an 8 hour contract at work to a full timer, then to an extra responsible within 4 weeks! Created this Blog! Got a 2:1 in my drama degree, graduated from university, moved house again! Won employee of the month for September, then went on to win employee of the month for the area...THEN to win employee of the year for the area (Off to London I go to try and attempt to win employee of the year for great Britain and Ireland), and finally STOPPED BITING MY NAILS!?

So I have been thinking, what can I try to do in 2016? What can I experience? Is there anything I want to achieve?

1) Say NO more often. I know it sounds very selfish but I do not intend to say no to everything or to use it in any negative way. There have been times in 2015 where I said yes to everything that came my way, whether that be a big thing or a small thing. Sometimes I wanted to say no but could not bring my self to say no. I often felt tired and run down, I never got the time to look after myself which left me feeling very anxious! So thinking about it, saying no to a few more things will allow me to take a breather and take care of my health and well being!

2) Look after my body. I am actually quite good at this but there is always room for improvement. I love anything to do with health and nutrition so I am looking forward to just pushing myself a bit more with taking care of my body. The little things such as drinking more water, pushing myself to be more motivated with the gym and cutting down on certain things like coffee will help me achieve this!

3) Save a bit more. I'm not totally rubbish with money, I don't have any credit cards or debts (apart from student finance but we aren't including that ;) ). I pay all my bills and rent with no worry and buy myself things but I want to be able to save some money that I can eventually use to go places and see things. I just need to get into the mind set of 'that £3 I didn't spend at Starbucks today can go into the pot to allow me to see the Maldives...'.

4) Learn to drive. I need to do this! I want to do this! I AM SCARED OF DOING THIS!!! I need to be able to break this fear because it is going to allow me to be more independent. I will be able to travel for work or for leisure without the worry of being stranded or it costing me an arm and a leg.

I hope that all of you have an amazing 2016! I am so grateful to everyone that takes their time to read my blog posts it is something I thoroughly enjoy doing! Watch this space because 2016 is going to bring exciting new things! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Peace and Love.x

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