Afternoon Tea at Homesense.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

So I just wanted to start off by saying...I HAVE MOVED HOUSE! It has been so exciting and the inner interior designer in me has been going crazy! On the other hand I have only just got the internet set up so this blog is about 2 days late. Better late than never hey ;)

You all know how much I adore Homesense and I was lucky enough to have been invited to their Lincoln Loves bloggers event! Upon arrival I was greeted with an array of beautiful cups and saucers and a lovely rustic lounge layout!

For Homesense, September was their lighting event so I was pretty excited to see what changes they had made to their layout for their next seasonal change! To my excitement they had completely embraced Autumn, my favourite time of year! After sipping down a nice cup of tea I set off to find some beautiful pieces to decorate my new house with.

There are so many things that I saw in Homesense that I could of bought but I decided to focus on one room at a time. First off...the living room. I have always wanted a living room that screamed rustic and cosy, a bit like a log cabin. I also wanted a place that felt a bit Autumny all year round, my mission was to find pieces that would create this feeling. Before I could even start doing this, Bunty's tea room which is located on the steep hill in Lincoln had provided us with a variety of cakes, sandwiches and crisps, all set out like a lovely afternoon tea! I absolutely love Bunty's, their cakes are divine so I was so excited and extremely grateful that they had provided this for us!

 All full and satisfied, it was time to do some more shopping. It was really nice seeing what all the other bloggers were getting and also what they loved at Homesense, I had to leave my mark somehow and decided to place some Lincoln Loves labels around the shop showing people what I loved!

So the fun part. It's time to show you what I purchased!

1. Deer Plaid Patterned Cushion

Deer and plaid patterns are a new recent obsession of mine! When I think of anything log cabin related these are the first things that come to mind. I love how the colours are Autumnal and how well it fits in with my sofa and faux fur throw. It is an extremely high quality cushion that feels like its made with down feather so it keeps its firm shape really well and seems that it will last a long time. £16.99

2. Made in India copper patterned glass vase

I brought this with the intention of using it for fairy lights. Trust me when it is dark it creates the most beautiful light ever! The rustic copper outer case of the vase caught my attention straight away and I knew that it would add a bit of decoration to my fire place. I find that pieces like this really helps with adding beautiful detail to the room. £12.99

3. Pumpkin spice finest elixirs richly scented candle

Pumpkins are Autumn. No explanation needed! Yet another candle but no one can have too many candles! I loved the packaging of this candle, It's in a cute brown tinted jar with a cork lid. Even with the lid on it smells amazing! It also looks amazing as a decorative item. Sometimes pumpkin spice candles can smell quite sickly but not this one! It is the right amount of pumpkin spice to transform my living room into the Autumn theme I wanted. £7.99

So they were my purchases this time. I had the most amazing time at the bloggers event and I am really grateful for the opportunity!

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