Big Tummy Days.

Monday, 28 September 2015

I love the gym and toning my abs! I have quite a flat tummy and a slim figure but I am not always small...

This is what happens when I eat. I mean this was a bad day and the main culprit was broccoli! (I love broccoli!). I bloat nearly every day, some days it is a small little bump, other days I look like I am not far off from giving birth!

I have been told it is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which a lot of people suffer with but there is no test out there to give a definite answer saying it is IBS. I suffer from the bloating and stomach cramps so that is what the doctor used to diagnose me. But sometimes I just think that I am slightly sensitive to certain foods or have had a cheeky treat and ate things that are not exactly on the healthy side.

So Yasmin...Why are you writing this?

Well, I don't specifically enjoy bloating after I have eaten but I just wanted to say that whether or not you are sensitive to certain foods, bloating can be quite normal depending on how your body reacts to certain foods! I am not going to stop eating the foods I like just to try and be perfect. I definitely am not giving up broccoli ;) NO ONE IS PERFECT! THIS IS LIFE! 

Be proud of your body! Some days I do feel a little insecure and that is normal but you have to appreciate what you have! So on those days where your tummy is being a bit awkward just remember, you had an amazing time scoffing down that burger and ice cream! you deserved it and enjoyed it! Its okay and normal to be a bloater! Show off that food baby with a smile on your face!

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