September: Homesense Buys!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

So it is the middle or near end of September and I have been back to Homesense! This months buys were not as big as my usual buys but I got some awesome things and would love to share them with you :D

1. A New Dog Bed for Cosmo!
We are officially moving house next week! So on that subject I thought it would be awesome for Cosmo (our little pug) to have a new bed to start a fresh in our new place. Recently, Cosmo has been obsessed with my very fluffy onesie, most of the time I would find him fast asleep on top of it. So whilst at Homesense I spotted this lovely soft fluffy dog bed that pretty much resembles my onesie. Now I can have my onesie back and Cosmo can have a new fresh bed!

2. Bonny Handmade Marshmallow Melts
So the evenings are getting darker at an earlier time, the air is becoming chilly, leaves are falling from the trees...this basically means its hot chocolate season! I love a cheeky hot chocolate in the evening especially at Autumn time whilst snuggled up on the sofa or in bed with a fluffy blanket! Homesense are now selling these awesome marshmallows that you pop in your hot chocolate giving your drink a peppermint frothy top! They are delicious! With every sip of hot chocolate you get the most tastiest minty moustache that ever existed! 

3. Crackle Lampshade
I can not contain my excitement for this item! I have never found a lampshade like it! It is insanely awesome! September at Homesense is the lighting event so they have millions of different lamps and lampshades for everyone to buy. Hidden at the bottom of a shelf was this shimmering little package. It caught my eye because it was glowing like a mermaids tail and I bloody love anything to do with mermaids! There wasn't a display of it out so I had no idea what it was going to look like, I just had a gut instinct that it was going to be FRICKIN AWESOME. I Get home and this is the end product...ENJOY!!

I hope you liked this months buys and it won't be long until I am back with more crazy stuff to tease you guys with! <3

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