Thursday, 17 September 2015

Can you be happy for 100 days?

So I have come across the #100happydays challenge and have decided that I am going to give it a go. I think everyone loves the feeling of being happy or being in a positive mood, especially me!

I'm a very reflective person, I spend most of my days rushing round as a sales advisor or on my days off I am constantly doing something but in the spare moments I have, I try to think about the positive things that are happening throughout that day. Many people lead busy lives with no time to think about what makes them happy, they have less time to actually enjoy themselves. So I found this #100happydays and it is 100% spot on with what it says! (Take a look: http://100happydays.com/#ready)

Basically the object is to take a picture everyday for 100 days of what has made you happy on that day. Simple right! It is allowing you to really take notice of the things that make you happy whether its because of some massive event that you were a part of or the smallest things like the dinner you ate! I personally think that everyone should take time to think about the positives as it really does make you a better, more vibrant person! You will suddenly realise that you are taking life for granted, experiencing life is a gift that should be appreciated. 

I am adding my own little extra to this, every day I am going to write what I am grateful for that day on a small piece of paper and pop it in a jar. On day 100 I will write every single thing I wrote on a blog post for everyone to read! The only reason I am doing these things is to try to inspire more people to be happy, whether I have inspired one person or lots of people I hope it makes an impact!

So from Friday 18th September my challenge begins :D

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