Graduation Day!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I literally could not sleep the night before because I was so excited and so nervous, I had been waiting for graduation day for three long years and it had finally arrived. So I wake up at stupid O'clock (6am...) looking like I had bathed in cheese puffs all night from getting a spray tan the day before, I jump in the shower to remove any scent of biscuits that had clung to me (For those who have never experienced a spray tan, you will suddenly resemble the smell of a digestive biscuit) and popped on my PJ's because I refused to put my dress on till the very last minute!!!!

8am: Breakfast time!! I drag the boyfriend out of bed just so we can go to Carluccios for their £2 pastry and coffee breakfast deal, let me just state that Carluccios do the best pastrys EVER! I also got a lot of stares because I did this in my PJ's :D

9.30ish: The florist lady comes and gives me flowers and a balloon from my mum, FIRST GIFT OF THE DAY! They were very pretty.

10.30: Off to Salon 2 to get my hair done by the lovely Rachel (she also did my hair for my 21st birthday and she is fantastic). I must say that Salon 2 is such an incredible salon! When I lived back in Leicester with my family I would of never stepped foot in a salon and always got my stepmum to do my hair. Salon 2 has always made my hair look fantastic! They have always gave me the best advice for my hair type and look after me when I book in for a cut or a style! Before:



11.30am: Phillips beautiful sister Miss Catherine Creasey arrives to do my make-up. As you can tell, I am being a complete diva and I am doing nothing for myself ;) Cathy always looks fantastic on a daily basis and I am constantly envious of her make-up. You know those people who are fantastic at make-up and its a bit irritating because it's not you...well that's Cathy! So...I snatched her for the morning just so I could look flawless ;)


Also I get more gifts :D Phillip has brought me my very first Pandora bracelet with a little camera charm which relates to constantly snatching his camera to take my blog photos, Jenny (Phil's mum) has brought me a little graduation owl charm and then I get my Daniella Draper silver signature bangle!!! I have been waiting for this since the Daniella Draper shop has opened! It is engraved with my graduation date and also the quote 'Have faith in yourself, reach for the sky', very fitting for a graduation gift right?

 Anyway...the finished make-up look.

12pm: It's time to leave the house and get my back side to Lincoln Cathedral! I can not describe how nervous I was at this point, I felt physically sick and very emotional.

You finally get to see my dress guys! Firstly, thank you for waiting these few weeks to see which one I chose, Im sure the anticipation has killed you ;) Secondly, I stuck with the colour red and I love it! I honestly felt amazing wearing this dress, even though it was a simple sort of dress I felt like this dress was made just for me to graduate in. I purchased it from Mango, a shop that I absolutely love, and It was a cracking bargain for a graduation dress at only £29.99!

It was so nice to be reunited with my friends, they are some of the most beautiful, kind and amazing people I have ever met. They all looked fantastic and I am extremely proud of all of them. Just a quick group photograph before the ceremony begins.

2.30pm: It's time to graduate. I got to graduate in Lincoln Cathedral which I think is one of the most prettiest pieces of architecture I have ever visited, plus The Da Vinci Code was filmed there...not trying to brag or anything. I did cry and I blame my lecturers fault! Just seeing them walk through the Cathedral looking all proud set me off. I couldn't see anyone else crying so I felt like a bit of an idiot but oh well, you only graduate once. I am so pleased with myself because I didn't fall over on stage and I am so happy that I got to experience the whole ceremony, I can't really explain the feeling you get...its like...feeling proud but times that by 10. After the ceremony, I had tons more photographs with my amazing friends and went for dinner with my dad, sister, Phil and Jenny.

 Not only did I get to take my own photos but my friend, Charlotte Brown, who is amazing at photography was able to take some photos of me! She has photographed me before when I have modelled for her projects and she is fantastic! She has created some amazing photos that I can keep as a memory!

So...I am no longer a student, I am a graduate. I had such an amazing day and would do anything to experience the whole day again. It's funny because I hated my first and second year of university and wanted to quit so many times. Third year was a lot better and I got to know so many people that I wished I could of met sooner. But now I'm kind of sad that I no longer have to go to uni. I miss it a lot which is something that I thought I'd never say! Graduation is definitely on the list as one of the greatest days of my life.


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