The Disaster Of The Graduation Dress/Day In Leeds!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Yesterday, after weeks of waiting, I went to Leeds to get my graduation dress because I am graduating from university in just over two weeks! It was a slight disaster...Let me explain.

Since my second year of university, I have known what dress I would want to graduate in, I have never changed my mind and have stuck by it 100%. Now a couple of weeks away from the big day, I travel to Leeds to go try it on (I chose Leeds because it was the closest store to me). DISASTER 1: they didn't have the dress in stock. RETHINK. Lets try on some similar dresses, that way I will have an idea of what it will look like and can order it online. DISASTER 2: I LIKED NONE OF THEM!?

After two years of having this dress in mind, everything was going totally wrong. I hadn't tried on the actual dress but trying on similar dresses and disliking them brought me to the decision of not ordering the actual dress because it could come and I might totally hate it!!!! was time to journey through Leeds to find a new graduation dress.

It is REALLY exhausting trying on loads of dresses. A quick stop off at Wasabi hit the spot :)

You really have to visit Wasabi if you have never been. It is so delicious and cute AND does not rinse your bank account :D Whether you like sushi, noodles, rice or even a miso soup, this place will satisfy your taste buds.

Back to dress shopping (with the occasional distraction from other clothes). After several more failed attempts and feeling like all hope is lost, I tried on a dress that had potential. To be honest with you after trying on so many dresses I was at the point of picking out every flaw possible so I had to get an opinion from the boyfriend. I left my cubicle and show my boyfriend whose eyes lit up. I HAVE FOUND MY GRADUATION DRESS. Celebrations were needed, so we headed off to one of the most amazing bars I have ever been to. The Alchemist.

I ordered a Rosebud cocktail which consisted of: dried rose buds mixed up with Bombay Sapphire, rose liqueur, lemon juice and sugar. Served in a little milk bottle. It was obviously amazing, the place is so recommended that I think anything consumable in the place would taste amazing! I am already planning to go back.

I also took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping and got some lovely new things.

1) Smashbox Photo set Finishing Power: I brought this for the first time in January and It has last me all this time. It allows me to get rid of any moisture and shine that my foundation leaves. Also Smashbox is my favourite make-up brand.

2) Two t-shirts from Zara: One baggy short sleeved top that would look cute over some dark skinny jeans and a white top which reads "Reflect your natural beauty" this was too cute to not have!

3) Checked/tartan grey dress from Mango: As summer is now starting to leave us but some days are still quite pleasant weather wise, I thought this little number would really suit autumn especially with some dark coloured tights and some ankle boots.

4) Green Nikes (they were only £25?!): I'm obsessed with the gym and I am a huge fan of Nike. I already have a pink pair and a black pair so these add nicely to my little I just need a purple pair and an orange pair :) 

So am I going to show you my graduation dress? No, no I am not. I admit I have shown a few people but I hope the suspense will keep you hanging. On the 10th September I will grace you with the miracle dress but for now watch this space.

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