Homesense Part Two: AUTUMN IS NEARLY HERE!

Monday, 31 August 2015

So once again I couldn't help myself and took a trip to Homesense to see what wonderful things they had in stock. Autumn is coming fast and I am getting excited because that means that smells are changing, colours are becoming warm and cosy and it is a perfect excuse to buy some Autumny things! So here is what I purchased and fully recommend.

RECIPE BOOKS!! I have a little obsession with collecting recipe books at the moment. This time I bought 'For the love of oats' which includes everything about oats whether its for breakfast, a snack or even a drink. I am a huge fan of oats, I could eat them till they spill out of my ears so this book went straight in the basket and I am literally so excited to test out some of the recipes in it. The second is 'Green juices and smoothies' because I love anything that screams health freak! I have a juicer and a blender and always seem to make the same sort of drinks when using them so this book will give me a few different ideas of what drinks to try out next.

Yet again, another candle. This time I went into Homesense with an exact smell in mind. I wanted something that smelt of Autumn, something that would make the house smell and feel all warm and cosy. This Tilly Parker candle kind of screamed autumn considering the scent of it is "Autumn Leaves". You know how cinnamon and spices make you think of Christmas well this smell to me completely represented Autumn in the form of a candle. It has a sweet but woody smell that leaves a lovely warm feeling in the room.

I have a cupboard in my kitchen that is dedicated to tea and coffee so...why not add a new addition to the cupboard. I have only recently started drinking herbal/fruity teas in the past year because I never really liked them enough to buy them when doing the weekly food shop. Now, I can't get enough of a the stuff. I guess the packaging drew me to this tea, It comes in a metal tin that is covered in a colourful geometric pattern (I love geometric patterns...a lot) and also the colours and the smell of it reminded me of Autumn. It is from a brand called Normann Copenhagen Tea and is an oolong tea with orange blossom. If I have an Autumn smelling candle then I have to have an Autumn tasting tea...right?

Let me start by telling you that I am a hoarder of notebooks. I own too many to count and I am not ashamed at the fact that I will not stop buying them! How cute is this notebook?! I love anything that includes a pretty landscape type of photo or anything that has a cheesy saying or quote on it. This covers both of those. Another lovely thing about this notebook is that it has a cute quote/affirmation on every page so when I flick through it, it will always tell me something positive. Lets just say I needed no persuasion when buying this. (Keep your eyes peeled as I am planning a 'stationary haul: university check-list' blog and this notebook is also included in well as its pages of positiveness)

So there you have it, another successful trip to Homesense. I am so thankful that Homesense keeps providing such lovely things for me to buy and recommend to you! I hope that this has inspired the Autumn in you :D

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