August: Homesense Buys!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I am definitely obsessed with Homesense! For those that don't know what Homesense is, it is a home ware store that sells branded and quality things for the home as well as lovely little gifts!
Myself and my partner go at least once a month to pick up some of the latest products they have on offer...sometimes we go on a weekly basis!! I thought I would share with you some of the lovely things that I have purchased :D

1) Cleo Candle: I always buy my candles from Homesense because they offer so many different types! This time I went for a Cleo candle which has the smell of cucumber and mint. It has the most refreshing, sweet smell and I instantly fell in love with it. Now my house smells fantastic and everyone who has visited has fell in love with it too.

2) Sistema Lunch Box: I have so many lunch boxes in my kitchen cupboard but this one was a must have. I have recently gotten into eating a lot of salads and when I saw this I got very excited. This lunch box has 3 areas, one big compartment and two smaller rectangle compartments. The big compartment is ideal for me to pop my salad in whilst the two smaller compartments are great to add fruit (I put grapes in one part and strawberries in the other) or even a couple of sweet snacks. This makes my healthy lunches easier to portion and is a lovely size for my handbag!

3) SNOG Healthy Treats Book: I love a good recipe book. As I am trying to be healthy at the moment (got to fit into my graduation dress!!), I can often get that unwanted urge to snack on something sweet which leaves me feeling guilty. So I picked up this book in hope of making some sweet treats without feeling guilty about it :) Plus I love anything to do with cooking and baking!

4: Charbrew Ice Teas: Homesense have an awesome "Food Emporium" which stocks some amazing food, snacks, drinks and condiments. This time I decided to try these ice teas as I am a huge fan of anything tea related. These Charbrew Ice Teas are made using real tea and are a healthier alternative to other ice teas because of them containing less or no sugar. They taste amazing and are really refreshing!

If you have never been to Homesense then I highly recommend the place. It has everything you can imagine and gives you a taste of unique pieces that you might not necessarily spot on the high street! This was my little August buy, I am already looking forward to seeing what September brings!!

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