Gourmet sweets for grown ups!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

A few days ago, I visited the Trafford Centre in Manchester to meet Stella Maxwell (A really gorgeous lady who is one of the newest Victoria's Secret angels). Whilst there I took a cheeky trip into Selfridges and headed to the food hall. Selfridges had this little thing going on called 'Meet The Maker' and I got to meet the lady who created these little babies!!


Canesmith & co create gourmet sweets specifically for adults, using the best possible ingredients they take inspiration from modern food trends and childhood favourites. They have created sweets such as caramels, sherbets and real fruit lollipops! My taste buds were literally doing somersaults, I have never tasted something so delicious yet so unique. These were sweets like no other, they were not only 'sweet' they were also savoury. The caramel is the initial taste but then you are hit with a saltiness from the soy and a toasted tint from the sesame, IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!

They come in such a sophisticated but cute pouch and would make the perfect gift for any type of adult. Its nice for us adults to be the target of such a tasty product, it definitely makes it special that they state they are created for us 'grown ups'.

I totally 100% recommend these sweet treats, they are so unique and so divine that I think everyone should try them at least once! Canesmith & co...YOU DID GOOD!


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