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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Happy 1st of December! The Christmas songs are playing, presents are being wrapped and of course the Christmas tree is up!
This year myself and Phil decided to start collecting pretty unique baubles so that in the years to come we will end up with a mighty collection to cover our tree with. For the past few years our tree has been very red and so we thought that it was definately time for a change. Thus the golden theme has arrived! With this theme in mind we decided to go in search for some beautiful baubles to start our collection.

Next: Glitter Initial Hanging Decorations
I have always wanted to find a decoration that included my name or initial. I spotted these unexpectedly and was so happy that they had the letter 'Y', they are so simple and still very pretty! Obviously I had to get a 'P' for Phil and a 'C' for Cosmo which completes the initials for our household. I love these because they can be out all year round and not just at Christmas.

Tesco: Cinnamon Stick Decoration
Cinnamon screams Christmas! I have it in my lattes, my Christmas candles spread the scent of cinnamon and I even try to sneak it into as much of my cooking and baking as possible during the Christmas period. So when my partner spotted this we had to have it on our tree to represent one of our favourite smells and tastes during this time of year.

John Lewis: Boutique Glass Glitter Swirl, Enchantment Message In A Bottle, Enchantment Key, Boutique Glass and Peacock Feather
Every year myself and Phil get extremely excited to plan our visit to John Lewis to go and see their Christmas section. We already knew that we would end up getting more than one decoration to add to our collection. When we arrived we decided to split up and pick 2 decorations each without telling each other what we had picked, then we would come back together and share our findings. Phil chose the glitter swirl and the key and I chose the message in the bottle and the peacock feather. We could have chosen so many more but we thought that the 4 we had chosen would really fit in with our golden theme.

H&M: Christmas Glitter Baubles
I definately could not betray my place of work and not get a Christmas decoration! My store doesn't stock the Home section so a trip to Nottingham was a must. How pretty are these gold glitter baubles! Glitter is definately one of my favourite things and my Christmas tree would definately need to sparkle. This decoration comes as a 2-pack which meant double the glitter!

Harvey Nichols: Sparkle Gem Bauble
I have to admit this...This was the first Bauble we bought for our collection...we have had it since October and I am definately not ashamed of that! Harvey Nichols is not exactly my every day place to shop, I wish I was rich enough to be able to do that but I definately could not say no to a Christmas decoration. I love how pretty and different this decoration is, It will totally live wrapped in bubble wrap and locked in a safe place for the rest of the year when it isn't being pretty in the middle of my Christmas tree.

So this is the start of my Christmas Bauble collection. I could not wait to share it with you and I hope you have enjoyed seeing them!

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