The Internship Overall // Week Three

Sunday, 1 May 2016

So the final week is over, I can not believe I have just done 3 weeks as a press assistant and I can not believe how fast it has gone!
Instead of telling you the day by day tasks, I am gonna focus on it overall.

The final week was pretty calm, I had gotten myself into a routine and knew what I had to do throughout the day so I just got on with it. It has been pretty weird having a computer! My normal day in store consists of running around, serving on the till and making sure everything is tidy. In the press office it all came down to the computer. All my jobs revolved around emails, programmes to input clothes, finding images online and in various folders (there were definately a lot of folders) and creating mailers to showcase products. The computer definately became my bible throughout the three weeks.

I have to say that steaming clothes got very therapeutic. I seriously hate ironing, everyone who knows me knows that I will do whatever it takes to not iron (unless its a serious case that the hair dryer can not control). Steaming is a different level. When I first had to use the steamer I ended up with various burns and a serious case of the sweats. By week 3 it became an art. Going around the show room checking the clothes for creases, then carefully and slowly gliding the steamer over them...there is something just so relaxing about the task. I am now searching google for the best steamer to invest in!

One of the things I absolutely loved doing was checking for coverage. Its a really proud moment when you look through a magazine and you find the products being advertised that you sent them! I can not count how many sends out that I did but the one that has stuck with me the most is a sports wear send out. I got told to go to store and pick out some new sports wear and then send it out to this magazine that had requested it for their July issue. Sports wear is one of my favourite concepts so I was literally in my element, I really hope that when the July issue comes out that they have chosen to shoot the items that I sent them.

Group lunches and dinners was an amazing treat! It was lovely bonding with everyone on the press team but also being accepted and included straight from the start was lovely. I think I have drank enough prosecco to last me a life time. 

There are a lot of things that I am going to miss about my internship. All the lovely people, gaining a huge interest in press and knowing it is something I want to be part of in the future, being able to grab a coffee or tea whilst I work, seeing amazing clothes before they are released, living in London in a lovely little apartment, being part of a press event, creating mailers to showcase products, the funny stories and crazy emails we got and finally the steamer! 

Winning employee of the year for Great Britain and Ireland has changed my life and the opportunities that have been thrown at me have been and will continue to be amazing. I now have New York to experience in just under 2 weeks and when I come back I really hope that this all carries on because I have learnt so much and I am truly grateful for everything!

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